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RE: AAAcKkkK!! Chains on a quattro!

  ># One thing to keep in mind:  the quattro will help you accelerate and 
  ># go uphill, but is no value add over 2WD when braking or going 
  ># downhill.
 >... not too big of a dispute, but I do beg to differ a bit.  AWD with the 
 >diffs locked does provide some ABS-like capabilities.  That said, I will 
 >acknowledge that it is only a slight advantage ...
 I was wondering whether my assertion would generate comments about engine 
 braking.  You are quite correct, this effect can be useful if you are just 
 trying to scrub off some speed, as opposed to a full braking stop.
 BTW, I've never had to show chains at the inspection stations, but have 
 had to show the owners manual a couple times... due to the CQ not having a 
 "quattro" badge on the front grill.  
 Which reminds me of a good story- I was riding up to Tahoe with my friend 
 in his Audi Fox many years ago, and it was lightly snowing, so chain 
 requirements were up.  My friend had no chains, and being fresh from 
 northern Michigan and quite familiar with winter driving, we were both 
 very puzzled by the need for such overkill.  After all, we were used to 
 weathering the most foul and rotten conditions with no traction assistance 
 other than heavy doses of alcohol.  At the inspection stop, the guy saw it 
 was an Audi and asked whether the "4WD was locked".  My friend pointed to 
 the cigarette lighter and said "yessir", and off we went.  He got away 
 with this for 2 years until he replaced the Fox.
 Matt Rooke
 San Jose CA
 '91 CQ "its AWD... really"