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My recently acquired '91 CQ came with new 205 P4000s, and my impressions are based on only 3-4K of driving experience.  Nevertheless, I'd catagorize them as more luxury/touring oriented than performance.  They produce a lot of squeal in aggressive cornering, but ride quietly and smoothly.  You'll see them frequently on larger lux/sports cars like Jags or E series Mercedes.  Not the tire I'd buy personally.
Brandon Hull
'91 CQ  and a 3B all over the basement

>It looks like I may be in the market for a couple of new tires for my 90
FWD, and wanted to know if anyone has had any good/bad experiences with
Pirelli P4000 SuperTourings?  I don't mean to start an aweful thread
here, but I've heard good things about those tires and wanted to see
what people think.