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Re: 4.2 6 Speed swap for a 90 V8 Slushbox

ScottyCBoy wrote:

> In a message dated 97-12-14 00:16:35 EST, you write:
> << Located a junk yard in Germany that has a 4.2 V8 and 6 Speed gearbox
>  (the rest of the car as well) for a 94 V8 exclusive (stretched wheelbase
>  V8).
>  OK V8 fans, is this a swap that can be done easily (easily is all
>  relative)?
>  Any euro V8 stick owners in the audience?
>  Price is a steep 7000 DM + shipping.
>  Any comments appreciated.
>  Paul Rivera >>
> Paul,
>      You'll have to get more than the engine and gearbox:
> Rear diff
> CV shafts
> Front end
> ABS system
> subframe
> Floor pan
> and a few other items.
> These parts mentioned above are all different on the US 5spds versus
> Automatics.
> Scott

  Thanks for the reply.
That's exactly the kind of Information I need.
Sounds like a grey market 4.2 6sp is more like it.
92 4.2 6 Sp. all options. 120K km black 29,000 DM, No mwst (tax)
Unfortunately the certification cost is unknown. Should be F+R lighting,
instruments, (km to MPH), maybe seat belt buzzer since car has airbags.
Doorbeams, bumpers, etc seem to be the same, but I need to do a careful
microfiche check.
Since it is a Kat car, maybe epa shoudl nto be so bad.
Oh well, back to dreaming.
Paul Rivera
83 Ur-Q
90 V8
91 200 TQW