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Re: Pikes Peak 98'!!!!!

> do you want to do it at Pikes Peak again?


> No matter where it is, are you going to be there? 


> Any other suggestions as to where it should be?

How about a track event to go with it?  Or, perhaps a sport
rally (this is a very brisk TSD event using pro Rally style
tulip diagrams and no gimmicks or traps)  Either of these
could be arranged for a very minimal participation fee.  I
know many folks last year were on a short time frame for
Pikes Peak as they drove a long way. If there were enough
interest and you folks could spend an extra day then I'm
willing to  check into some other activities. 

>  Rumors are all over the place about Pikes Peak and how
long it's going to
> last. It is generally speculated that this will in fact
be the last year
> for the Race to the Clouds because the paving will makes
speed to high. So,
> do we want to be there for what could be the last year or
do we want to
> make our annual event at a place/event that will be there
next year and
> years to come? Oh yeah, the "Special" parking is ours for
the asking again
> this year (if that makes any difference to anyone). 

If it were to be the last year then, all the more reason to
go, And the parking last year was really the icing on the
cake. Think I'll bring a warm parka next time though.

>  If I had to vote, I would go for PIkes Peak again, but
another suggestion
> would be the Steamboat event. It's a GREAT time (probably
the best Q club
> event offered), we get to participate, we get to play in
the snow with our
> Q's and it's just plain fun. :-)

Steamboat IS a great event. I have only made it once due to
scheduling. I WILL be there this year and I understand
we'll have lots of visitors from around the country. This
is truly a unique experience in a wonderful location. 
There is even a 90 meter ski jump there...anyone want to
try replicating that old Audi ad? :)