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Re: useless keyhole

Mine just did this.  There is a lever in there attached to the key lock that
brakes.  You need to get a new lever which requires a new lock barrel
because the design has changed.  But, you can re-install the old tumblers so
no need to re-key.  I bought the parts at the dealer and had a mechanic do
the work.  Not too expensive...

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ

At 04:05 AM 12/13/97 EST, you wrote:
>The Audi gods are sending my Christmas/birthday gift early.  After work today
>I went to unlock the doors (on my 90q) from the driver's door and the key just
>wiggled back & forth doing absolutely nothing.  Now the only way to lock or
>unlock the doors is from the passenger side keyhole.  What a PITA!  Is there
>an easy fix?  Can I swap a part out of the passenger side?  Or do I have to
>have the car re-keyed or what?
>Jess Almero, Jr.
>South Pasadena,  CA
>'90 90q20v
>'86 Coupe GT