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RE: A URq with an oil addiction -the continuing saga.

I had *similar symptoms* once with the 85 ur-q. Only in very cold weather and
with the engine fully warmed I would get unbelievable volumes of thick,
blue oil smoke out the exhaust. (took a while to find this one too.....)

The Saga:
I had recently replaced a cracked breather hose with a non-Audi
aftermarket generic hose. The replacement hose was just slightly thicker
wall-thickness wise. This hose is held in place with a little wire
hook thingie. This hook-holder squeezed the hose just a tad.
My theory is that when the engine started from stone cold the 
moisture in the oil and crankcase vaporized, condensed and then froze 
solid up high in the crankcase ventilation system (in this hose) and
plugged the hose at the slight restriction in cross-sectional area
created by the hook-holder-thingie. Replacement of the offending aftermarket
hose with an official Audi ho$e and requisite dancing and chanting about
the ur-q totally and completely solved the James Bond killer smoke-screen.