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Re: Power Steering pumps

Myth: You cannot rebuild a power steering pump.

Fact: The one they sell you at the parts counter is most likely a 
rebuilt unit.....so there must be a way to rebuild a pump.

There used to be a book titled something like "everything i knew about
life, i learned in kindergarten". Well, everything i learned about pump
repair, i learned from the quattro list:

First, where is it leaking? The kit from the dealer has o-rings that
should fix the leaks from any port in the two pump halves, pistons etc.

The most common leak is between the two pump halves. When you take the
pump apart by removing the two end bolts( knuckle - bang- blood) you see
all kinds of o-rings that now have you psyched that you will soon have a
clean gargage floor and no more butt prints from where you have tripped
and impacted. There are 6 little o-rings and one in the middle.

Wait.....of course you knew that there has to be a mystery o-ring....the
one actually responsible for the leak and the one that has no
replacement in the rebuild kit. The one pump halve has a post protruding
from it....remove this post( rubber clawed vise-grips works well) and
you will see the o-ring. Your local hardware store will have a
replacement (3/32" wall- I think 1.0" i.d.). When reinstalling, make
sure that the post is tight and the allen bolt in the middle is tight- i
would suggest a little loctite on the allen bolt. You can test that this
pump halve is sealed by using pressurizing through the port. Remember
that this has to maintain incredible amounts of pressure.

Put it together, say a little prayer, and thank god and the quatrro list
for saving my bank account.......and being able to smile at the parts
counter guy when he says, "you know you cannot rebuild these pumps."

Eric T. Axelson
4 Fixed Pumps and counting.....
2 Fixed Seat Heaters, also due to the quatrro list....

86 5000 TQ
87 5000 Wagon