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Seat heater sensor

I'm cool,

But I don't want to be.  I've repaired three broken wires in my seat in the
nearly two years I've had the car.  On three separate occasions no less.

The last time I did it the seat was REALLY HOT even with the switch on "1"
setting.  That lasted a few days.  I didn't think I'd last that long.  So
then it died again.  I can't find any broken wires.  I think I've tested it
correctly with an ohm meter. I don't remember what I got for resistance
though.  It was last winter.

Now this talk of bypassing or replacing the temp sensor in the seat.  

Where is it?   I don't recall seeing any such thing.  Is it inside the
cloth the same way the small heating element wires are?  

If I bypass it, I use a what? ohm resistor.  And is it smart to bypass the

I hear the relay click when I turn it on.  I've swapped relays and
switches.  It is the seat.