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Re: Re: Exhaust Manifolds

12/16/97 1:59 AM steveb@falcon.kla-tencor.com

>.... although I've NBTDTY (not yet) I have also heard that there are real 
>performance benefits from the insulating coatings on the inner surfaces 
>of the manifold.  

You bet there is.  There's not a single pro racecar out there running 
without it, afterall all an Internal Combustion engine is is a 
heat/airpump.  The less heat you waste heating the head and manifold the 
more velocity you have at the exhaust outlet, which translate's to more 

>I am a bit skeptical about the benefit of coating the 
>outside of the manifold though ... it would likely help a little bit to 
>keep down the underhood temp, i`but it seems to me it could also lead to 
>heating of the manifold itself ... as the outer insulating coating would 
>prevent the heat from being radiated.  It probably would not be a big 
>deal ... 

It's not a problem at all, infact since your transfering less heat into 
the metal your making it much harder to warp that manifold. (And if your 
running the 2pc EM it's not a problem anyway!)

>and if the cost of coating both inside and out was the same or 
>less than doing just the inside I'd probably do it.  The coating does 
>tend to make the manifold look better too ...

It does make it look nice!  I think it cost me $430 to do 2  2pc EM's and 
2 downpipes inside and out and that included Fed-x 2nd day shipping.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
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According to Einstein, the faster you go, the longer you live.

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