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Back from Tahoe-no chains required!

Just got back from skiing in Tahoe this weekend. I
was concerned that the Dunlop 8000's would be
terrible in the snow, and many of you confirmed that.
Nevertheless, we drove on, chain-free, past the sign
that said "chains or 4wd with M&S only". The little
Avant Quattro kicked ass! No traction problems-on
ice, slush and fresh snow. Must be that the tread is
still virtually new, but it was truly amazing. Quatts
never cease to amaze!  Only worrisome thing was the
ancient Toyota Supra that was fishtailing down HWY 89
behind us. 

Also had the pleasure of following an awesome
condition white URQ with white Ronals. And saw about
100 other A-4's, 200's, 4000's, coupes, etc. Nothin
like quatts in their element!


PRESENT: 98 A4A-sport
PAST:    89 200qtw    86 GT Coupe
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