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Re: CV joint problem

>Question: Can repacking and installing a new boot help or is the CV joint
>shot.  The boot must have just ripped because I had not noticed the
>grease a week ago.  The CV joint on the other side was replaced 3 yrs. ago
>after the boot tore but I was driving with the CV noise for a few weeks.
>Also, best place to purchase one?


CV Joint are not inexpensive.  I think you should attempt cleaning
very thoroughly and repacking.  Two years ago during the winter I tore
both outer boots.  Didn't notice it until they started squealing (real
loud) from lack of lubrication and all the road crud in there.  I cleaned
and repacked them and they have been good for 80,000 Miles (I drive
alot).  They are however now starting to click but I bought 2 years
for some labor.


Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 243K Miles