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CV joint problem

I have a really basic question and this is after looking through the
archives.  On my 5KS I am having heavy clicking noise on turning sharp
right.  I know what a worn wheel bearing sounds( and they were replaced 1
yr. ago) like but I also know a
worn CV joint has a distinctive click, maybe bad CV joint clicks vary.  I
looked at the Right CV and the boot was cracked and grease spewing out.

Question: Can repacking and installing a new boot help or is the CV joint
shot.  The boot must have just ripped because I had not noticed the
grease a week ago.  The CV joint on the other side was replaced 3 yrs. ago
after the boot tore but I was driving with the CV noise for a few weeks.
Also, best place to purchase one?

Rich Romero
90 V8Q
86 5KS