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Re: 4kq Timing belt/clearance

Martin Pajak wrote:
> >       Yea, and I dont' tend to shy away from using all my RPM's either.
> > Exhaust sounds great up above 4k too. Above 5k for that matter.  Car is
> > redlined at 6,500.  Why does my Rev-limiter cut in at 6,200 RPM?  Do you
> > know?
> It all has to do with the fuel pump relay.
> If you want to play a good practical joke on someone stick a VW Fox
> fuel pump relay into their quattro and see them freak when the thing
> cuts out at 5500 rpm!
> Some fuel pump relays cut above 6500 rpm and some below 6500 rpm.
> Guess it depends on your luck.
> Mine goes to 6700 rpm.

As does mine. Todd, maybe your tach's off?


Hmmm, the 4ks cuts out at 6200. Maybe you have a dead cylinder??? ;-)