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More questions about 86 4kcs

Thanks to everybody who gave me suggestions for my faulty oil pressure 
buzzer and what I thought was a problem with my oil pressure guage on my 
86 4k. It turned out the inside of the relay controling the oil pressure 
buzzer had burned, therefore causing the constant buzzing.
I will admit that after eight months of hearing the buzzer my life is so 
much better without the buzzer.

Anyway, I do however have another project to tackle. I asked a while back 
but did not hear anything so i'll present my problem again. The air 
filter is drenched with oil and I am afraid I am losing both mileage and 
power. Everything around the air cleaner is also covered with oil because 
it is apparently spitting the oil out. Obviously, the hose leading from 
the engine to the air cleaner box is filled with oil but I do not know 
what to do from here. This is kind of embarassing but I really don't know 
the name of the appartatus that is attached to the cylinder head which 
sends oil through out the engine. I would really appreciate any help.

Also, does anybody have any suggestion as to where I can pick up floor 
mats at a reasonable price?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Mike Victor
86 4kcs 62,000 miles