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Questions about 86 4kcs

Hi all:

Now that my finals are almost over I plan on spending a good part of my 
x-mas break fixing the little things that appear to be "wrong" with 
Katherine (my 864kcs). The following is a list of the projects I would 
like to tackle only after getting some advice from anybody who can help:

--Oil temp guage: no matter how I drive, where I drive or how much I 
drive, the needle barely makes it past the 60c line. Does anybody know 
the normal oil temperature for my vehicle? (I use 20w50 here in San Fran)

--Oil pressure guage: While operating at normal speed the needle always 
remainings well past 5 bar (the highest value on the guage). While in 
neutral and at a stop it drops down to about 3.5-3.8. Is this normal? I'm 
also having trouble with my oil pressure light/buzzer on dash and I 
assume there must be a correlation. 

Something tells me that the guages themselves are fine but a relay or 
switch somewhere is bad. 

--trunk shocks: The shocks that work the trunk are completely shot. At 
first I thought this would be an easy project but now I am beginning to 
wonder about it. What am I looking at for a pair of these shocks and is 
the replacement simple?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Mike Victor