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Re: Synth Oils

Patrick wrote:


>     winter months in Vermont).  The only drawback to synthetics might be
>     the detergent action of the full synthetics seem to cause noise in
>     some peoples lifters (see archives).  The blend probably won't have


This is somewhat confusing to me as I have always diagnosed lifter noise
(especially) on start-up to be the result of the VERY small oil passages
that supply oil to the lifters getting paritally clogged with oil
residue/sludge.  A quick cleaning with something like MMO (Marvel Mystery
Oil - 4oz or so) which is a powerful solvent usually cleans the lifter
noise up immediately - in my exerience.

So if the synths are more detergent this should help reduce lifter noise
not make it worse - unless of course the synths (or MMO) work so good at
cleaning an already dirty engine that they are loosening up sludge, the oil
filter gets clogged, and  you just end up plugging those little holes even
worse.  That's why, especially with an older engine, it makes sense to
change oil and filters MUCH more often in the beginning if you switch to
synths.  Same thing holds true if you clean an engine using MMO (or
whatever) - leave the stuff in there for only a few hundred miles, change
oil and filter, repeat if necessary.

Or this could suggest that the tappet noise experienced with synthetics
might be caused by the lower viscousities that are often used which might
be more prone to leak down?

I guess I should check the archives though.


PS: Sorry for feeding the "synth thread from h*ll"...

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