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RE: Beware painted used wheels? (Re: bent wheels)

	John Baker:  So is painting a sign of a repaired wheel?  (Does
straightening a wheel harm its appearance enough to require paint?)  

--> Yes.  Major repair usually requires some weld filler, followed by
grinding, sanding, polishing.

> Are repaired wheels more likely to get bent again?
--> Yes.  Aluminum has no "endurance limit" (unlike steel) - the damage
+ "undamage" can significantly reduce its fatigue life.

> If so, beware of them when buying a used wheel....
--> Absolutely.  Know what you're buying, and treat reconditioned rims
as "seconds" or spares.

> BTW, it looks fine, but now seems to have a few spots with bits of the
> paint broken off.
--> Two of the OEM wheels (they're still in use) on my '89 Saab 9kcdt
were bent badly, inside and outside.  I had them repaired locally for
$75 each, since new replacements were $450 each at the dealer!!!  They
work fine, but feel a bit more out of round than right after they were
repaired about 9 months ago, and will likely need to be replaced before
the car has finished its useful life (only 126k miles on it now).


Best regards,
	-David Shreeve
	Newtown, CT