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Re: pulling hakka-1s

> Hakkas on my '91 200q, new steel wheels, straight and true regardless of
> application. I can hardly get them to slip at all. No fun. 

  Hakka 1's (175/70-14)on my 87' 4kcsq on brand new 14x6 Compomotive
wheels. tracks a s straight as an arrow down the the road. MUCH better than
the Badyear crap that was on the car. No studs, but work extremely well in
the white stuff. They are a BIG upgrade over the Hakk 10's IMHO. Quiter,
better in the dry and better traction in the snow. 

  Now, if I could just get it to snow so I can give the Hakk NRW H's a shot
on the 200 (just installed last night). Should snow this
weekend......report to follow.

Laters, Ben
Thornton, CO
83' UrQ #346 PT2B 
87' 4kcsq (Hakka 1's and loving it)
89' 200Q (NRW H's and longing for the snow!)