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Hans Stuck Lime Rock Print

I came home today to the Feb. of 1998 issue of Excellence (it's a Porsche
Mag for those of you that have never seen it). In it, there is a company
that is offering a "limited edition" litograph of Hans Stuck at Lime Rock
in a 90 Quattro doing coming to the top of the hill. It's the infamous
scene of him getting the front wheels way up in the air (and sometimes all
4). Anyway, i think that it looks pretty sharp. I am still debating if it
is worth the $165 that they are asking for it, but maybe. 

 From the Ad:

each print is strictly limited to 500 copies.
each print is hand signed and number by the artist
each print is hand signed by Hans Stuck himself. 
each print measures 25inx32.5in overall

 I have yet to visit the site, but they can be found at:


Just thought someone would find this intereesting. My apologies if this is
old news. 

Laters, Ben
Thornton, CO
83' UrQ #346 PT2B
87' 4KCSQ
89' 200Q