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Old LandCruisers -Reply (NO Audi)

>>> BRUCE <BRUCE@mannlawfirm.com> - 12/19/97 7:20 AM >>>
To the gent that asked about the 1980-1987 LandCruiser "wagon"?  If
it has had minimal attention [greased, oil changed, etc] it can be a
terrific vehicle.  Some problems existed in the air conditioning, but
those vehicles are rocks.  Not unusual to find one with 300k still
getting it done in the woods.  PLUS, there is a great aftermarket for
that particular Toyota. 

----Not sure THIS is the kind of aftermarket you're referring to. 
The elders own an 85 4 speed.  These things are supposed to be very
durable, etc...The latest "mod" is this.  Pop decided the LC needed a
little more power (Unka Bart's ears perk here) so he decided the motor
from a Suburban would be more like it.  Fact is...the old motor was
toast... so much for durability.  So 8 months and a few thousand $$$
over budget, they get back this red monster with a 5.7l V8 from a 91
Chebby.  First real drive the cooling fan comes off while the poor
guy is half-of-the way across the Bay Bridge...Toyota Gods?   And oh
yes, the A/C was bad before that.  As was the entire cooling system. 
Funny thing is...they paid ~13k for it new and still continue to get
offers for it around that range today....how many of us can say that
(go ahead and try...you urQ owners)?

Derek Daily
86 VW Qtm Syncro