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Autoloc remote entry install


I read with great interest your post on how to install Autoloc alarm
system.  I thought I could take the easy way out and just buy their remote
door locking kit, but the instructions included are terrible!  I performed
both the negative and positive probing tests at the door lock vacuum pump
with no success.

According to the wiring diagram, there really is only one input to the
vacuum pump from the driver’s side door.  All Autoloc’s instructions use a
whole bunch of wires!

In your post it appears that the green/white wire is the “LOCK” wire.  Is
the blue/red wire the “UNLOCK” wire?  The pink wire you connected to a wire
that goes to (according to Bentley) the seat belt warning system?

Any clues are appreciated as the Autoloc guys haven’t returned my e-mail
messages, and I’m to ticked to talk to them right now.