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4ks vac line question

Hi all,

So, a small problem has come up.  The Bentley shows the tuning setup
(adjusting mixture/idle/air/dutycycle etc) requiring some line (which
is hard to identify in the picture) being pinched off, and a vac cap
taken off of a T connector over near the large rubber airboot.  

As it turns out, my car doesn't have any such T connector.  Anyone else
have the same issue, and if so, know what line I should open up where to
do the adjustment just right?  I do have a Y connector with one line
going back to the tank and two others I don't recall at the moment, but
it doesn't seem to be the same at the T.

Any help on the T question, or maybe a verbal clarification as to what
hose is supposed to be pinched, would be appreciated.


'86 4ks