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EGT Turbo Gauges,


> My biggest gripe with the Audi Turbos is their complete
lack of useful >gauges.   A real boost gauge, along with
oil temp and exhaust temp, and a >voltometer  <Snip>
Question is...where to put them?

Hey, we don't need no stinkin badges, I mean gauges....

Yes, the 5000TQ's don't have much in the way of gauges, the
later 200's did add the oil temperature and voltmeter
gauges. I recently mounted an AutoMeter boost gauge on the
left A-Pillar which works out ok in the cosmetic and
functional department. I think Igor and others mentioned
using this setup. I plan on getting the calibration of this
gauge checked as sometimes these things vary all over the
map. The testing of intercooler and exhaust temps along
with testing the exhaust, turbo in/out, intercooler out,
and air box pressures is underway. This info will be used
more for as a tuning tool and not an everyday display.

Have fun
Scott Mo.