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Dealers and why they suck - update

I went back to the dealer today to pick up the car. I asked what they were
going to do about the large chip above the handle in the door. They replied
that I should take it to the body shop they deal with, get an estimate and
they will pat to re-paint the entire door! At this point, I was kind of
relieved, since there were already a couple of scratches around the lock, so a
repaint would be good. But do you think it ends there? I go out to the car,
start it up, and flip on my headlights. The headlights come on, but none of
the dash lights work! I tell them to check the fuse, and its blown. They
replace the fuse, and it immediately blows again. They screwed up something in
the dash. Since all their loaners are out, I have to wait 2 weeks until a
loaner is free and they can fix my car. And this dealer is supposed to be the
better of the 3 in the area. It seems like it never ends.

'92 100S (68k)