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repost from archives RE:Ned Ritchie

Found this in the archives and thought a repost appropriate in light of
current thread.  --ml

At 12:03 PM 9/15/97 MDT, you wrote:

>but it is likely that Mr. Hoppen's dealings where influenced by the fact
>that he is
>a legend in his own mind.

As is, from previous list traffic - Ivor Whigham and Peter Wales...  I've
met them both - like them both - and they despise each other...

You know, the only one that seems to never be in serious controversy is the
'non racer' Audi tuner most of us consider the best - our own Ned. Must be
the competiotion thing. I notice some of most 'spirited' discussions come
from racers and of course engineers (!)...

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