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1990 80 quattro problems

Just bought a 1990 80 quattro! Yeah! I've had it about 5 days and love it,
but I have a few questions (yes, I have ordered the Bentleys, it's just not
in yet):

1) Coolant Gauge - seems to work fine whenever started cold, makes it up
past the close together hash marks and then just drifts back down. I've
een following the broken thermostat thread, could that be it? Is so, where
it located?

2) Alarm - doesn't work. Have no idea where to start looking

3) Lighted Switches - Do all switches have lights? If yes, do I need to get
new switches or new bulbs?

4) Fog lights - Do they really only work when the headlights are on? That
doesn't make sense to me?????

5) Slight drop in idle - Of about 100-150 rpm and then pops right back up,
is consistent whether warm or cold??

and finally,
6) Slight hesitation when accelerating - around 3000 rpm. Also seems to
happen when just cruising along at highway speeds. Any ideas?

Sorry for the extended use of bandwidth, going to have time this weekend
and want to get as much done as I can while the weather is still fall-like.

'90 80q 5spd