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Re: Rear deck lid emblems

Tom Nas <tnas@euronet.nl> wrote:
> "Douglas Hurst Quebbeman" <dougq@iglou.com> wrote:
> >But the 1980s Audi rear deck emblems don't weather well, do they?
> >The brushed aluminum coating/effect seems to leach off. So, I ordered
> >a set of new emblems for about $25 each (Audi, 5000, CS, quattro),
> >only to find that the original 1980s-type emblems have been
> >superceded by the all-chrome types used beginning with the 1988
> >model year.
> Earlier this year, before I visited the US, I ordered new emblems for James
> Marriott's 87 4kcsq. The old style emblems were still available, and even a
> bit cheaper than in the US (not a lot, though). I couldn't get a 4000
> badge, though, so now it's a 90.

You couldn't get a 4000 badge because they are no longer available?  Are 
the badges still available in the US?

Could anyone tell me what the european equivalent of my '85 4ksq would
Maybe I'll put euro badges on it.  Are they available?