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Evans colling sys, the update

Hello, club.

As you might remember from my extensive thread, in the summer I
converted the cooling sys on my 200 to the Zero pressure Evans sys.

I'll remind you of the drawbacks.

The cooling sys on the 44-chassis Audi takes 8 litres of coolant. I
drained the sys completely and flushed it with water, after which I once
again drained it completely. At that time the heater box was out of the
car coz I've been replacing the heater blower and heater core, and I
also took the rad off the car just to drain it well (these sucky rads
are not only made out of fragile plastic, but also lack a drain cock,
what were they thinking? The block does not have one either). I also had
the thermostat and it's housing removed just for draining. I.e. it does
not get any more thorough than that.

When I reassembled the sys it has swallowed only 6 litres of coolant,
i.e. 2 litres of water still remained in the sys. This water kept on
boiling out for at least 3 mos, taking the very expensive Evans
($27.50/gallon) along with it.

Also whenever the rad fan would kick in I would sense this annoying
sweet smell of Evans coolant.

Not anymore. 

1. I went to a local U-Pull-It joint and for $1 a piece got 2 Japanese
rad expansion tanks. I mounted the smaller one (Toyota) on top of the
ABS unit, strapping it with a 2.5" DIA and 1/2" wide metal ribbon pipe
hanger (Home Depot, $1.97) and bracing it to the 6mm bolt that holds the
plastic rad fan shroud to the radiator, using the existing 3 mounting
holes in the tank's flanges. 
I also bought a new expansion tank cap off a Eurovan (p/n 025 121 321
B), which is blue in colour, looks identical to the OEM Audi cap but has
a side spout.
I took the valve out of the cap, allowing the spout to vent to the atmo
and connected it to the hose off the Toyota expansion tank.
The whole install looks surprisingly factory and turned out very neat.
Now should the coolant boil it will expand into the aux Toyota
reservoir, where the residual water contamination will be able to
evaporate to the atmo. The Evans coolant will not be draining onto the
ground anymore saving the nose of the 200 driver as well as his wallet.

I am gonna take the car to Canada on Tuesday. Upon my return I'll post
the field test results of this improvement. Stay tuned.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ -- on an 18-wheeler
Philadelphia, PA