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RE: Oil Gasket???

Aleksander Mierzwa <alex@matrix.com.pl> wrote:
> Don't have to, but it's a good idea.

> Shane Allen Snyder <snyders2@pilot.msu.edu> wrote:
> > 
> > I read a brief note here that a new oil plug gasket is required when
> > removing the plug from the pan.  Is this true???  The car here is an 
> > '86 4kcsq. I would like to change the oil soon, and I have the filter 
> > ready to go.

Hey, if your's is like mine, you pretty much have to change it.  Mine is 
jacked up!  It's all thinned out, and looks like it's been tightened 
off-center a couple times.

I got some responses to my question about this before (thanks), but 
nothing that could really send me into a hardware store with the part # 
in hand to get a replacement crush washer.

What's the easy way to get a handfull of new crush washers?  I know the 
easiest way would be to ask the dealer, I just might do that.