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Re: Slightly different Seat Heater Question

Bryan Kamerer <bk@ibm.net> wrote: 

            While I have followed the routine seat heater questions, my problem
    is slightly different - the driver's seat gets burning hot in one spot
    (under driver's left thigh near front of seat - seems to be right at
    junction between seat bottom and left thigh bolster).  Seems to do this
    regardless of heat setting - broken/loose connection here or a worn-through
    wire or element?  Any ideas?
            If important, seats are Recaros-style leather in a V8.
            Bryan Kamerer
It is likely that the hot spot is a point of increasing resistance.  It will 
likely fail there with an open circuit and replace one problem with another.  (A
fire is also a possibility, although I haven't heard of one on this list yet.)  
You need to peel the seat, find the hot spot, cut out the bad section of 
resistor wire, and reassemble.  If you don't have a Bentley manual for your car,
other model manuals should provide adequate clues to seat disassembly.  (Its 
relatively easy, albeit annoying, to peel the 1988 90q manual seat bottom.  The 
seat back is somewhat more difficult.  I haven't tried to do a motorized seat.)

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