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yet more Audi Kool-aid

Matt sed:
> I wonder why Porsche didn't add AWD to the 944t?
>Because it was well designed in the first place.

Ever looked in the front of a 944t? It is FULL of engine right smack between 
the front wheels. That's why no awd, IMHO, and let's not talk about the 
944t-was-killed-because-it-was-getting-to-be-better-than-the-911 conspiracy.

Well balanced, yes. My dad has one, he had a '63 Vette way back when, he got an 
Eclipse AWD (for winter driving) when I wouldn't sell him my 200q. But the 944t 
(and C5, since they have a similar torque-tube thing going on) has a different 
polar moment of inertia than a mid-engine, say 914 (say it! say it!) also with 
near-even weight distribution. The 944t will spin more easily when upset 
because the mass is out at the front and rear instead of mostly in the middle. 
Dad doesn't like to drive his in the winter, and I can't say I blame him. Maybe 
snow tires would help, though, eh Dad?

Totally off on a tangent, 944t front brake pads are a blast to change. Off with 
the wheel, squeeze a wire retainer to lift it out of the way, out pop the pads, 
fiddle with the wear sensor, pop in new pads, on with the wheel. Must be 
race-inspired or something...

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