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Re: My gas pedel fell off :( '91 200 Quattro

"Macs rule; PCs drool" <0223361@acad.nwmissouri.edu> asks:

> The plastic 4cm x 9cm (approx) black textured gas pedal cover on my
> '91 Audi Quattro 200 fell off.  I cannot for the life of me figure out
> how those crazy Audi engineers got the pedel to stay on in the first place.
> I cannot find how it attaches to the gas pedel lever.
> I checked the Import Auto Chilton's guide at the library, but alas, they
> only cover things like fuel pressure, cylindar firing sequences and other
> nonsense without paying proper attention to important major Audi
> parts like tiny plastic gas pedel covers.
> Any help appreciated :)

Since my '88 90Q and '93 100Q have basically the same arrangement,
perhaps the '91 200Q does too.  On my '93, the plastic pad fell off. 
It's basically held on by a flexible plastic tab.  When the plastic tab
breaks (which looks flimsy and is bound to break sooner or later), the
plastic pad falls off.  I wasn't able to figure out a fix.  I tried
double sided tape first so you couldn't see it.  I eventually even tried
encasing the whole she-bang in duct tape, and it still fell off!  The
fix involves replacing the whole pedal and arm.  It cost around $70 (at
Carlsen).  You can't buy just the broken piece.  Luckily, it's easy
enough to replace...

I hope this helps!

Steve Valin		sjv@netapp.com         408.367.3566