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20v driveline slop

Regrettably, I've become somewaht expert on these matters over 2 cars
and about 300k miles.

I agree with Phil, but wish to extend the inquiry.

One common failure are the rubber mounts that hold the rear differential.
As Dan noted, the center mount goes less often - but mine DID (on a 4000q).

Another source of clunking is common (according to some) or unheard of
(according to others).  The rubber bushings that isolate the front and rear
from the body deteriorate, allowing the subframe to "rock" under torque
starting out).  This causes a substantial "clunk" that I find
indistinguishable from
the diff mount kind, **AND** it causes the driveline to "run out"
Bad thing, that.

I'm about to have every last rubber bugger replaced in my subframe and
control arm
mountings - need it or not.  Harumph.

And a Merry Holiday Season to all.