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Re: UrQ Tire/Wheel Combo SUMMARY-3

At 09:18 AM 12/24/97 -0500, you wrote:
>This is the working list so far. I'm soliciting the help of anyone
>else who has a later model UrQ with the factory rolled fenders
>to round out the list. Please let me know what wheels and tires
>you are using, including offset. Thanks.
>The following tire and wheel sizes are purported to work with 
>non-flared rear fenders and a lowered suspension
>(Eibachs/H&R, etc) unless noted.
>>From this compilation there are some notables. 16x7.5 ET35
>w/ 225/45-16, 16x8 ET35 w/225/45-16, or for the slightly more
>budget minded 16x7 ET37 w/ 205/55-16.<snip>

Which is the exact wheel size and offset of the 5-spoke A8 wheels!  Hmmm,
maybe I need to keep another one of those A8 wheel sets I have...