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Tie rod question

 I had some new tires installed today, but the front end could not be 
aligned because the tie rods are apparantly frozen in place. They said 
they could heat them up and try, but if they broke I would be stuck for 
the weekend in the town I was visiting about 170 miles from home. 
Believe me, I have a good reason for why I had this done so far away 
and It has something to do with bald Continentals, snow, and four brand 
new Michelin MXV4's that were free (to me at least). Question- Do I try 
and have the tie rods heated and then re-use them, or should I go ahead 
and spend the money to replace them? Since I'm heading into my last 
semester of college, I'd prefer to do the former, but I'm wondering if 
that could be dangerous. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Dave 89' 80q 133k