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Quattro rules!!

Dear fellow quattro owners,
Tonight I found out why i wanted the quattro and why everyone loves it. 
I bought a 98 A4 2.8Q in July and have been very pleased since then, but 
haven't really had the chance to test the Quattro system. Well tonight 
on my way home from the movies, as the snow fall from earlier today was 
turnig to ice it happened. Going around a turn in the highway at about 
60mph, when passing over a bridge I began to slide right and with a 
slight counter steer, I slid to the left and then was fine. I couldn't 
believe it. With any other car or truck i would have been on the side of 
the road. i know this because I have done this before with other cars 
and have not had such a happy ending. The other reason is that as I 
passed over the bridge a Toyota Pick-up was merging onto the highway 
when it hit the bridge and spun sideways and then into two 360 degree 
spins. after watching this I went over another bridge, unexpectedly,and 
began to spin again. But with such control, I still can't believe. 
Neither could my younger brother who has a Chevy tahoe, he knew if he 
had driven we would have been all over the road. Anyway, sorry i took up 
so much bandwidth, but I jjust had to tell someone how much I love this 
car and I'm glad I didn't buy that M3, because you all know what would 
have happened then.
Safe driving,
Chris Hlubb
98 A4 2.8Q
TSW 17x7.5 BFG Comp T/A ZR
White Face Gauges

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