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Adjusting fuel mixture. How?


I've posted earlier on. I would just like to know how to increase and
decrease the richness of the air fuel mixture on a K-Jetronic equipped
200t (1990). I am down at the coast and the car is loving the air,
but I had it turned down a bit up country as it was running rich. The
car has a small problem getting passed 170km/h. Also, it is totally
different carrying more the 1 person. Also, although accellerating
well (or better than up country) it feels like it lurches when I'm
holding a steady speed above 120km/h. I am sure it is running lean,
could someone give me the method for adjusting the ratio? I have no
dyno available, and don't  want to cough up another $50 for a simple
tune. So what screw do I turn? :)

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