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Re: A4 - Annoying Wind Sound?

> Chances are you found the resonant frequency of your passenger compartment.
> With the windows down at the right distance your car is a giant base fiddle.

My folks' 1979 Merc 300D (one owner since new, 215,000km :) ) is the
same. I can have a passenger crank down the window and they'll get to
a certain point and me doing a certain speed (+- 100 - 120km/h) and
I'll nearly get my eardrums sucked right out my head. It's got something
to do with the air rushing in and tendency of the air passing the
car to suck the air back out. Crank down a window in front and
things can get a bit better, crank it the wrong distance in relation to
the other window and it can get much worse.

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