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Re: was Re: Weepy Head Gskt Fix!is stretch bolt defence clamping methods,

Amen, to this post too, bowing my head in full agreement.......

At 12:03 AM 12/29/97 GMT, you wrote:
>In message <01bd13d6$3e66de60$082c460c@yo> "Mik Tip" writes:
>> I have worked on engines(VW & Audi)where the OEM bolts can be removed by
>> hand!
>Yup, so have I.  Well, you have to stick the 12-point into the bolt head -
>you can turn the driver by hand.  Especially between #4 and #5 cylinder.
>> Attributed to factors inherant to the stretch bolts, combined with the
>> continual heating &
>> cooling, along with the different rates of expansion and contraction
>> the
>> aluminum head and steel block!
>I've never seen a safe attribution other than failure of re-used head bolts.
>> The only way to correctly "fix" the weeping gasket, is to change it!
>Amen to that.  And the bolts, please.
>> Installing the OEM bolts "may" allow the same problem to re-occur
>> later on in the engines life.   But most folk's dont keep a car that long!
>Fresh bolts should be good for up to 250000km - that's the (apparent) design 
>> The Raceware's are an "improved alternative" to the OEMS, but at
>> a price!
>So far all of my experience with stock Audi engines is that stock parts are 
>best.  Yes - deviate from the specification and you will need to change
some of 
>the technology.  Stay with stock (design) performance profiles and stock 
>components are far superior.
> Phil Payne
> Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club