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Re: bomb recharge procedure???

At 11:33 AM -0500 on 11/26/97, Chris Maresca wrote:
> Tires on racing road bikes are sometimes pumped to 120 psi, but a valve
> that holds 2000psi would have to be very hefty, and very well attached. For
> example, the biggest danger on diving tanks is the valve breaking off,
> which can easily shoot through the side of a car trunk.
This is the biggest load of crap, and a very common misconception about
SCUBA tanks.
Ask any diving instructor...the valves are quite well attached.
Many people think that the tanks are dangerous...they are quite the
opposite.  They are extremely heavy-duty, visually inspected
regularly(interior is inspected by removing the valve) and are rated for
about twice the max "stamped" pressure.  Find me a single case of a SCUBA
tank exploding, or the valve coming off.

The only "regular"(ie, very, very rare) problem is with old burst
disks(basically, a disk of metal that is designed to break at a certain
pressure, so that the tank doesn't go.)  Sometimes, the guard used to
"restrain" the disk in the event of a let-go gets corroded or breaks, and
that does go flying...


Brett Dikeman
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