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Re:car will not start, ignition switch, likely

Propably an ignition switch, they do go bad and are not too hard to replace..

At 09:45 PM 12/29/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Okay, thanks for all the feedback from my "test message." The following is
>the original message I couldn't send through for some reason:
>Hi folks,
>I seem to have a starter problem. I turn the key and nothing. The voltage
>gauge reads normal.. and their is no drain showing on the needle when I
>turn the key. The headlights do not dim when I turn the key. There is no
>noise from under the hood.. the engine doesn't turn over. Nothing at all
>My guess is that it's the starter. Howerver, I'm hoping somebody has some
>better (cheaper) ideas or perhaps a way that I can diagnose the problem for
>sure before I plunk the money down for a new starter.  
>This is the third major item to go down in the last 45 days! The alternator
>was replaced two weeks ago. The PS pump was replaced two weeks ago. I threw
>on a set of Hak1s on Steel wheels. You'd figure the Audi gods would be
>satisfied. I'm seriously considering selling the 200q. Does anybody know
>what a realistic selling price on my car? At the rate I'm sinking $$$ into
>the Q, I could easily buy myself something reliable (though boring). 
>In post script, the car is supposedly gonna be looked at tommorow at the
>My service writer told me that he has a source for starters running around
>That is 1/3 of my cost for OEM at the dealership! So, if it turns out to be
>the starter.. it won't be so bad of a deal. 
>I'll let you know how it turns out. In the meanwhile, i'm gonna take the
>loaner car skiing tommorow. It's a Subaru loyale 4wd wagon. I took it for a
>sping tonight in the snow and the tires make it tricky in the snow. I hope
>the roads are clean tommorow....  Thanks for all the feedback!
>Osman "fed up" Parvez
>Albany, NY
>89 200q TAP Chip