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Re: starter

> I seem to have a starter problem. I turn the key and nothing. The voltage
> gauge reads normal.. and their is no drain showing on the needle when I
> turn the key. The headlights do not dim when I turn the key. There is no
> noise from under the hood.. the engine doesn't turn over. Nothing at all
> happens.

Well, you definitely need to jump 12 v to the solenoid connectioon (the
little wire on the starter.  There is a starter relay, it may be bad. 
Usually when a starter goes you still get the "click" of the solenoid. 
Of course if the solenoid goes... symptoms as you describe occur.  You
could also check for 12 at the solenoid connection while someone holds
the key in the start position.

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe