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RE: Poor Man's ECU Fuel Enrichment

I thought about this too, but, decided against it due to potential
distribution problems. It is likely designed for reasonable
distribution at very low airflow rates, and looking at the setup
I would guess that distribution would not be at all good even
at the designed target (low) airflow rates. Poor distribution and
resulting lean conditions in some cylinders is a most excellent
way to melt pistons due to excessive temps and trash bearings
due to detonation, etc. Be careful!


I've been following all discussions on fuel management, since I'm
preparing to hack a MAC11b ECU for my MC-equippe 5kcstq.

Has anyone considered using the cold-start valve for WOT fuel
enrichment? It seems like it would be pretty simple to do. The
cold start valve delivers fuel at a fixed rate, and it's not metered
by the fuel distributor, of course. I guess Bosch makes different
cold start valves for Audi for various models (as well as for non-

Any obvious problems or BTDTs with this idea?
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