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Re: Poor Man's ECU Fuel Enrichment

In message <E0xn04T-0006G4-00@iglou.com> "Douglas Hurst Quebbeman" writes:

> I've been following all discussions on fuel management, since I'm
> preparing to hack a MAC11b ECU for my MC-equippe 5kcstq.
> Has anyone considered using the cold-start valve for WOT fuel
> enrichment? It seems like it would be pretty simple to do. The
> cold start valve delivers fuel at a fixed rate, and it's not metered
> by the fuel distributor, of course. I guess Bosch makes different
> cold start valves for Audi for various models (as well as for non-
> Audis).
> Any obvious problems or BTDTs with this idea?

Yup.  Enrichment is not uniform across cylinders.

Some people have had some success with _additional_ injectors or
cold start valves mounted such that all cylinders are addressed - e.g.,
right behind the throttle body.

I refer you to the literature.  There's a fair bit of it about.  The 
last portion of the Probst/Bentley FI manual, for instance.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club