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Re: BTCC Video Game

"George Achorn" <coolidge@tidalwave.net> wrote:

>In a conversation on rally games, this address got emailed to me. This TOCA
>Touring Car Championship videogame for playstation. Check out the new pics.
>2 show the Audi touring car. Apparently the game is only available in
>Britain. Later-G

I've just bought the PC version of this game (even though I'm skint and
don't even have a PC)- I just wanted to make sure I got this year's version
with the A4qs in it. Judging from the screen shots (and the 'review' on Top
Gear a couple of weeks ago) it's one of the best games I've ever seen. It
cost $50.
Warning- you need some pretty hefty kit to play this on.

Full specs on http://www.codemasters.com

Saving to buy a PC...


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