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Re: Audi Marketing Miscues

"Robert Myers" <rmyers@inetone.net> wrote:

>>Audi has certainly taken a pasting on this list for inept marketing.
>>Clearly, however, they are not alone in their misreading of the diverse
>>needs of a market foreign to them.  The following marketing miscues
>>should demonstrate the difficulty of doing this well:

>- ---snip happens---

>How about Chevrolet marketing the Chevy Nova in South America where the
>name means in Spamish (approximately) "won't go"?  :-)

Or Fiat selling its former luxury model 'Croma' (chromium in Italian) under
the same name here in Holland, where Croma is the best-known brand of
baking butter?

They didn't sell a lot of those cars. (In their defence- having driven one,
I think it's not totally due to the name)

At least Citroen did some thinking and renamed their small 'Saxo' for the
Japanese market, where 'Saxo' apparently means 'Let's sh*t!'


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