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Re: SPOILT! (Was Passat V6 Arrives)

Hugh Odom Wrote:

>At the risk of being flamed, has the list discussed the new Passat and
>if/why I should be willing to pay $3k more for a smaller A4 with same
>running gear?  The press seems to agree the Passat isn't quite equal to an
>A4, but for the price, it sounds pretty good.  Also, in my case, there are
>two VW dealers within 20 miles but the nearest Audi dealer is 120 miles

	I wouldn't worry about the dealer thing. Even with an Audi 2.8 or 1.8T,
the VW dealers will be stocking most parts (mechanically speaking) for the
A4. As for body and trim parts you may be up sh**s creek w/o that, but as
for maintenance, maybe you can work a warranty deal at the VW dealers.

Derek Daily Wrote:

>But the seats will
>move electronically in the Audi and heat your butt if you
>choose...this is the reason the Audi interior is better.  I'd say its
>worth at least...+$1~1.2k. (Never have to hear "I'm cold" again from
>the Pass Side)

I don't know too much of Brit or Euro spec Passats, but I just read the
Passat article in the new issue of Driver (VW's Owners magazine in the US)
and standard issue on the US Spec Passat GLX (basically a 2.8 with leather
and 16" alloy wheels) you get power driver's seat with 3 position memory.
The P also comes with a cold weather package that will give you heated
seats, rear view mirrors and washer nozzles. Syncro (quattro) will probably
be a stand alone option.
	There is an article in the current issue of Car (3 lotuses on the cover)
that compares the P Syncro with the new Alfa 156 and Volvo S40. The car
appears to have very similar seating (fake suede colored blue) as the Audi
S4. For some reason the rear seat is not a 60/40 split, but those on the US
spec car are?????

>Suspension.  The Audi just feels better on the road.  It may be
>a combination between the interior perks above and the the
>underpinnings, but as an owner of both....points go to the Audi. 

The Audi is definitely tuned in a more sporting manner. The P is marketed
with mass appeal at the likes of MB, Lexus and Toyota/Honda. It is sort of
a jack of all trades. The US spec all season radials hinder handling more
than helping it. The A4 also comes with a Sport Suspension package, clearly
a winner on that respect. Still, I am seriously considering a Passat, and
retrofitting the A4 sport suspension sounds like a grand ol' plan to me.

>Stuff.  I've finally told my wife the secret behind "what makes
>guys guys."  (Sorry for letting it out)  It all comes down to parts. 
>The more the better.  We may not even care if they work or not..as
>long as they're there.  Oil pressure gauge +$300, Oil Temp gauge +$50
>(Mine's suspect), CC +$150 (outside temp is suspect...-$50), Ski sock
>$30 (Will never use it, but its there).  This theory also holds true
>for CD purchases, Oil by the case, Bulk Cereal and multi-partner
>escapades (but we'll keep this family safe).

Okay, I don't think the P comes with the guages, but it does come with the
trip computer in the US, and the real beauty of the B chassis (A4 and
Passat) and the C Chassis (A6 and Passat Plus not yet released) are that
they share a ton of parts. It is like a giant lego set. Should I get a
passat, mods like A4 sport suspension and A6 heated steering wheel sound
pretty cool. Even the 2.7 twin turbo from the S4 and the 6-speed tranny
should fit in the Passat, making it quite a sleeper, and a screamer of a
family sedan.
	One thing to note if you have the automatic is the cheap plastic shiftgate
on the Passat. If I bought an auto (and my father in law most likely will)
I would swap in the brushed aluminum unit from the Audi A6.
	Last night I attended the Washington Auto Show and was blatantly comparing
the cars on this chassis (Audi A4, A4 Avant, A6 and Passat). The Passat
(1.8T, automatic) was USD $23,800. The A4 1.8T fully laden with options
including sport suspension and not including automatic tranny and quattro
was $28,000. The A4 Avant (only comes in a 2.8 in the US) in quattro and
automatic form but not with Sport Suspension was a whopping $35K and the A6
Quattro automatic was $42K with sadly plastic wood in the interior, a
change from the past.
	For the money, the Passat seems to be the choice. The rear seat offers
useable space that the A4 sedan cannot match. The A4 Avant is nice on space
(inlaws have a 110lb. chocolate lab and need space), but pricewise is in a
different league.
	Call me a non true Audi enthusiast, but I love the interior lighting in
the VW, and am not a fan of the Audi and Bimmer red lighting. The Passats
interior lighting is VERY cool in a blue purple hugh with red dial needles.
	I think it comes down to economy, sport, or luxury. Economy and
practicality goes the way of the Passat. Sporting nature goes the way of
the Audi A4 with a touch more luxury. The A6 is all about luxury and shows
it price wise.

Been waiting a long, long time for the new syncro.  Now that we have
the CQ and have seen the pictures of the new syncro (w/ makeshift
audi seating, w/o folding rear seats, w/o gauges)...I may have to
consider another Audi instead.