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Re: Being one's own mechanic

My own twist on this subject:

Nearly every time I have take one of my cars to be serviced at a shop, the
shop has screwed up something that I had to fix myself.  Anything ranging
from destroying a speaker to a whole engine.  I found that with enough
perserverence and planning, as well paying attention to warning signs, I
am the best mechanic for my own car.  I have the thing memorized, I know
what it's been through, what's been replaced, etc.

However, being mindful that all cars do break, especially the old cars I
tend to buy ;), I bought myself a second car as a backup.  My original
plan was to purchase a '95 VW Jetta and not worry so much about breakdowns
(just payments ;), but then I stumbled onto this very well maintained '85
Coupe GT.  The rest is history...

Know your car, know many good parts sources, and keep a Bentley handy ;)

Barry J. McCabe
'85 Audi Coupe GT
'84 Jetta 2dr.