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Re: Being one's own mechanic

> >Nearly every time I have take one of my cars to be serviced at a shop, the
> >shop has screwed up something that I had to fix myself.  Anything ranging
> >from destroying a speaker to a whole engine.  I found that with enough
> >perserverence and planning, as well paying attention to warning signs, I
> >am the best mechanic for my own car.  I have the thing memorized, I know
> >what it's been through, what's been replaced, etc.
> Could not, no matter how hard I might try, say it any better than that.

Thanks, I'm flattered ;)

> (about '95 Jetta...)
> reliable.  Mine had all sorts of trouble (power locks falling off, severe
> hesitation,etc.) including failing to start for the new owner the day after
> I sold it  =(

Unfortunately, that's what I've heard from some people on the A3's.  Too
bad, though I've heard the build quality has gone up with every year.  I
probably won't own one until the A4's come out (VW A4's that is ;), and
I'll buy the newest year possible, with service records, etc.

Barry J. McCabe