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Re: Terrible heating in 4kcsq.

> I live in IN and recently bought an 87 4kcsq.  We haven't really had a
> COLD snap until the past day or two.  One question comes to mind while
> huddled up next to the vent nearest the driver's door struggling to get
> HEATING SYSTEM IN THE 4K?  All I can get out of the center vents in mine
> is cooooooold air.  The owner's manual states that this is what it's
> supposed to do.  Why?
>         How do you folks farther north cope with this?  I hate it (wait a
> minute, I still love the car though)!!  Has anyone on the list had any
> experience with modifying their car to include warm air from the center
> vents?  Any ideas for a cure would be warmly appreciated.

Up until a couple years ago, my 4kq would blow HOT (and I mean really
HOT) air.  Even on the coldest days of winter (at least as cold as they
get in the Mid-Atlantic), it was sufficient to set the heat at its
lowest level.  At some point -- and I don't remember exactly when -- all
that changed.  Now, just as you describe in your post, at the highest
setting all I get out of the vents is luke warm air.  

I concluded that the heater core was in need of replacement and just
decided to bide my time until it failed completely.  Well, it never
failed and I continued to drive it this way for several years.  Good
thing it never gets all that cold in the MD/DC area.  At this point it's
unlikly to get attended to because a) it still works ok for me, and more
importantly, b) the new A4q is scheduled for production next week.

Mark Hilbush

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
        -- Albert Einstein